I Don’t Know How to Finish

I Can’t Believe it! I’ve written a book! I’ve created people who ran around and did things, loved each other, hated each other, saved each other from danger. I love them ALL! Yesss! But I can’t seem to stop going back into their lives and “fixing” this and “fixing” that. Just in case. Two posts ago (“Blame it on Writer’s Block”), I wrote: We need to choose one story/book/article and be faithful to it until the end. When we getRead more

I’m Ready for my Close-Up, Mr DeMille

Dealing with: the weirdness of having people look up to you now that you’ve published something — or won something nobody showing up at signings or whatever a ton of people showing up at signings or whatever being an introvert and having to behave like an extrovert (without having a nervous breakdown) having fans (They all aren’t stalkers, you know.) talking about ourselves with confidence and without holding back (Here’s a link about humility and self-confidence: http://www.chabad.org/parshah/article_cdo/aid/475512/jewish/Humility-vs-Low-Self-Confidence.htm ) spending moreRead more

My Boss Is a Tyrant 1

Notes to Self Sometimes I can’t find the energy to write anything. I don’t have time to write. I’ll do it later. I’ll start writing when I retire. I’ll have lots of time then. I don’t know how to get started. I wouldn’t be any good anyway. Excerpt from Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them Hints for Keeping at it It’s a Job! Whether or not you work from home, set aside the same two, three, or fourRead more


Notes to Self Watching people walk around … For a writer, that isn’t as relaxing and mindless as it is for “normal” folk. It’s work. A writing colleague on Facebook says he’s taking a “break from writing” to work on a character’s background … That’s not a break. That’s work. Learn not to feel guilty about doing “different” work. Like writing a poem instead of keeping on with that story, or drawing or colouring instead of writing at all. IRead more

Story Structure

I attended a weekend writing retreat a few years ago in which the presenter, Barbara Kyle, author, story consultant, story editor, and speaker, emphasized the importance of story structure. Most of us roll our eyes and turn down the volume when anyone talks about laying out a story in advance of writing it. Half the time we don’t know what we’ll be writing or even how the story will play out until we get there. Our characters have their our ownRead more

Surprise! Surprise!

In the old days of Saturday afternoon Western movies, the Cavalry would often arrive at the last moment to save the day. de·us ex ma·chi·na (dāəs eks ˈmäkənə,ˌdāəs eks ˈmakənə/); noun an unexpected power or event saving a seemingly hopeless situation, especially as a contrived plot device in a play or novel. (“We” don’t do that in our writing, do we?) There’s nothing as wonderful as a surprise ending whether it’s in a movie, a story, a book or aRead more

Be Kind to Your Critters

Be Nice to Your Readers Don’t make loveable anybody you’re planning to kill off in the first few pages. A reader won’t trust you anymore, and a reader has to be able to trust you in order to suspend disbelief. And to read the rest of the story. Along the same lines, try not to kill off the family pet unless you’re dealing with a really despicable antagonist. The term “bunny boiler” has come into use on Inter­net dating sitesRead more

Recycling Characters

Story Idea but Don’t Know Where to Begin? If you happened to read my November 7/15 Post, “Using Backstory without Using It” and took it to heart and tried it, you’ll be thrilled to learn that all your hard work might have paid off. Instead of sitting there looking at a blank screen as you try to begin your next work, grab one of those minor characters from your last novel — how about the gas jockey, the one yourRead more

Don’t Stalk Your Characters

Let’s ensure that our major characters live out their own lives while we observe, read their minds, and record. However … we must not: follow their every single move; look in the mirror with them; go to the toilet with them (unless it’s to see something unfortunate like blood in the urine or crabs in the pubic hair); go shopping with them — unless it’s to purchase a gun, rat poison, the wrong flowers (or flowers on the wrong day).Read more

Describe through Action

Actions Show Character and/or Motivation From Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them: Because we know everything about our character, we know why he does what he does. The reader won’t care a whit that Bill was frightened by a dog when he was three years old because that would get in the way of the story. But we (as the  writer) know that when Roger chases Bill out of the restaurant and Bill jumps that fence, and there’sRead more