Refining your stories and books through editing.

Sherrill Wark is an editor who designs print/digital books for indie authors. She’s the author of: Really Stupid Writing Mistakes: How to Avoid Them (non-fiction); Death in l’Acadie: a Kesk8a story (historical fiction and the first in a 6-book series about life and often violent death in Acadia between 1670–1755 from the 1st Person viewpoint of a Mi’qmaw woman); Mostly of Love & the Perils Thereof: The Sequel (poetry). Under her pseudonym Christina Crowe, she has published A Girl Dog’s Breakfast, scary stories and rude poems and The Unkindest Cut: Short Creepy Movie Scripts. Sherrill is also a screenwriter and has finished three screenplays: The Soul Eaters (Sci-Fi), Skin Eater (serial killer stuff), and The Bus to Lo Siento (drama) which landed in the top 10% (out of 600) in the 2013 Oaxaca Film Fest (woohoo!).

Sherrill plans to publish Transplanted Heads on a weekly basis.

She more than welcomes your questions and writing concerns for future posts.


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